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Industry solutions

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Maier rotary joints are the optimum solution for all industries and are suitable for both cold and hot water up to 300°C, steam up to 300°C, 40 bar, heat transfer oil up to 400 °C, hydraulic oil up to 350 bar, compressed air up to 40 bar, chemicals, cooling lubricants up to 150 bar, vacuum, high speeds and dry run. 10 standard series are available for nominal diameters from 3 – 500 mm. In addition, we offer numerous special solutions for other media and extreme operating conditions.

With our rotary joints, we guarantee maximum operating safety and functionality, high performance and a long service life. Competence begins with development and ends with our attentive service. We offer our customers complete support throughout the entire product life cycle. Our highly qualified employees are available to you as experts on site worldwide.