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MAIER International Sales Meeting 2019

For Christian Maier GmbH & Co. KG, the three-yearly international sales meeting is of great importance. More than 50 partners from over 30 countries followed the invitation to the International Sales Meeting 2019 in Heidenheim. In addition to the sales partners represented worldwide, colleagues from the subsidiaries in China, Italy, the USA and Singapore also took part in the conference. In addition to intensifying the successful global cooperation, the focus of the meeting was on the exchange of relevant information regarding the company, industry and sector, as well as the discussion of current strategies and the presentation of innovative product solutions.

Kick-off at the Voith Arena
During the International Sales Meeting 2019 from 15th to 17th May 2019, more than 50 distributors and sales partners of the globally active manufacturer of rotary joints attended the meeting. In addition to long-term partners who have been working with MAIER for several decades, some new faces were also present.
At the beginning of the three-day event, the two managing directors Andreas Greiner and Florian Maier welcomed the participants from over 30 countries to Heidenheim. Director of Sales Markus Scharting opened the three-day conference with the focus on “Sales Strategies”.

Focus on future-oriented technologies
In addition to the strategic subject blocks and the related future-oriented technologies in the field of rotary joints, the focus on the second day of the event was also on conveying market-related knowledge. In the workshops held in the afternoon, the internationally active distributors were able to become active themselves, discuss a wide variety of topics in small groups and get to know different points of view. In addition, the question of how new and innovative, sustainable business models can be developed best in different countries and markets was also addressed. In the following presentations, the solutions developed for the various workshop topics were presented and discussed.
Afterwards the MAIER casino evening took place, which offered all participants the opportunity to prove their abilities aside from technology and rotary joints during a game of roulette, black jack or poker.

Success Stories – Achieving success with international partnerships
The last day started with the presentation of new training modules, which especially enable new partners to get familiar with the topic of rotary joints much easier and faster. In addition, employees of Christian Maier GmbH & Co. KG and international partners presented various success stories. Among others, the successful integration of rotary joints in the food industry by integrating several rotary joints into a wine filtration system was presented. For the participants these success stories resulted in an additionally increased product interest and awareness of promising technologies.

In addition to the possibility of personal discussions and the exchange of experience, also questions and feedback have been given. Overall, the feedback was consistently positive.

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