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MLC Maier Laser Coating

Coatings from Maier are the solution for your component repair on critical joining or sealing surfaces.
Your new part developments achieve significant increases in service life with our coatings, which are specially selected for your application.
Controlled quality through our own laboratory and service life test bench.

MLC Series: Metall MLC 1000, MLC 2000
  • Repair of base material, e.g. 316L in service
  • Repair of production defects in mechanical processing
  • Corrosion protection e.g. Inconel 625 or 718
Hard alloys/metal matrix composites MLC 3000, MLC 4000, MLC 5000
  • NiCrBSi, Stellite, particle-reinforced matrices with up to 1200 HV
  • wear protection against abrasion, erosion, adhesion
  • suitable for sealing surfaces
  • hard chrome replacement
  • corrosion resistant
Oxide ceramics MLC 6000
  •  in prototype development
  • individual range of materials available
  • coating thicknesses from 0.1 to several millimetres
  • coating close to contour, accuracy 0.5 mm
  • low heat input, minimal distortion
  • hardly any microstructural changes
  • component manufacture, coating and finishing from a single source


Product flyer PDF, 265 KB:

Newspaper article:
Pioneering MLC laser technology, Heidenheimer Zeitung PDF, 1.8 MB
Know-how laser build-up welding, TRUMPF-LaserCommunity-Issue-31-DE PDF,1,8 MB

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