Product detail for DC/DCL

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  • PN max 40 bar 580 PSI
  • T max 250 °C 482 °F
  • n max 1.000.000/(DNxPN)

Rotary joints for hot water and steam at high pressures and speeds. Balanced mechanical seal with external water-cooling. Meet the special requirements of paper and nonwoven calenders, fiber and corrugated paper plants. Suitable for big, steam-heated dryers. Patented system. By sealing these media there is a risk of dry running on the seal, which leads to a reduction in operational safety and service life. This can be successfully prevented by the internationally patented DC series system.

Rotary joints of the DC series are suitable for:

  • Hot water (series DC up to 250 °C, series DCL up to 180 °C)
  • Steam (DC series)

Please note that the technical data above may vary depending on the design of the series. Please find detailed information in the DC catalogue on the left side.