Product detail for DQ/DQL/DQT

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  • PN max 13 bar 189 PSI
  • T max 400 °C 752 °F
  • n max 130.000/DN

Rotary joints for thermal oil with high temperature and speed ranges, balanced mechanical seal. DQ, DQT, DQTX with additional cooling circuit for cooling and lubrication of bearings and seal. Meets the requirements of calenders operating at high speeds and temperatures. If thermal oil comes into contact with the oxygen in the air, chemical reactions in the form of coking or cracking occur. The seals are damaged and oil and oil vapours escape. The internationally patented DQ system prevents  these effects and thus offers unique advantages. Oxygen in the air is separated from the thermal oil by a barrier medium. A cooling unit is used to cool down the sealing medium – the same heat transfer medium as in the main circuit – in the DQ and DQT series.

DQL version is limited to a temperature of 250°C, therefore a cooling unit is not required. The rotary joints of the series DQ, DQT (DN 25 – 150) are also available in ATEX-certified design.

Rotary joints of the DQ series are suitable for:

  • Thermal oil

Please note that the technical data above may vary depending on the design of the series. Please find detailed information in the DQ catalogue on the left side.