Product detail for DX/DXS

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  • PN max 16 bar 232 PSI
  • T max 160 °C 320 °F
  • n max 55.000/DN

Universal rotary joints for water, equipped with mechanical seal and ball bearings. DXS with highly resistant, ceramics coated sealing surface for higher temperatures and speeds as well as prolonged service life.

The rotary joints of the series DX, DXS (DN 10 – 150) are also available in ATEX-certified design.

Rotary joints of the DX series are suitable for:

  • Cooling water (DX, DXS series)
  • Hot water (DXS series)

Please note that the technical data above may vary depending on the design of the series. Please find detailed information in the DX catalogue on the left side.