Repairs at Maier

Rules for repairs

In general, repairs can be carried out on all Maier rotary joints. Nevertheless, this is not always economical for all series or nominal diameters. Therefore we reserve to ourselves not to repair the following listed products:

• KL, KLT,KT,KS, Wörner-Distributor
• Rotary joints of all series, older than 15 years according to the type plate
• Rotary joints Series DX & DP < DN32
• Rotating joints other series < DN 25 (Unless they are not ATEX, MP, KE/KEW, or custom-built)

Rotating joints belonging to one or more of the above mentioned areas are not being disassembled. Upon arrival of the rotating joint, our service team will provide you with an individual offer for a new rotary joint.

Repair types

Standard repair
Exchange of all spare and wear parts (E/V parts) at the fixed or agreed repair price. A preliminary cost estimation will not be made. The repair will be carried out without a report.

Repair with cost quotation
Repair will only be made after approval and within the scope of the previously provided cost estimation.

Report on repair
Repair will be made after approval including a detailled report (damage description and condition of the individual parts).

Express repair
Urgent repairs can only be executed after prior consultation.
These urgent repairs are carried out within 12/24 hours with surcharge without any repair report or previous cost estimation.