Rotary joints

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Rotary joints by Maier

In most industries rotary joints are essential. Rotary joints are assemblies for connecting stationary parts to rotating units such as spindles for passing media under pressure and temperature. Thus they allow the sealed passage of a medium from a fixed unit to a rotating unit.

Maier rotary joints are suitable for various industries as well as for cold and hot water up to 300 °C, steam up to 300 °C, 40 bar, heat thermal oil up to 400 °C, hydraulic oil up to 350 bar, compressed air up to 40 bar, chemicals, cooling lubricants up to 150 bar, vacuum, high speeds and dry operation.

Rotary joints – optimal choice from Maier

Some of these applications can be realized with standard rotary joints. For more complex applications, the performance of the machine depends largely on the proper selection of the rotary joint.

To give you the best-possible range, Maier offers various types of rotary joints. You can choose between 10 standard series with different sealing technologies and types as one-way and multiway versions for nominal diameters from 3 – 500mm. In addition, we offer special solutions for other media and extreme operating conditions. Maier develops high-quality rotary joints for complex applications. Since the company was founded in 1925, quality and innovation have had top priority.

One-way and multiway rotary unions

One-way rotary joints carry a medium such as steam, cooling lubricant or water from the pipeline to the rotating unit. Multiway rotary unions lead either the same medium or different media simultaneously to different application points of a machine.