10 Products

Series DA

Rotary joints supported by rods with maintenance-free, metal-impregnated sealing rings.

Series DC

Rotary joints for hot water and steam at high pressures and speeds. Balanced mechanical seal with external water-cooling. Meet the special requirements of paper and nonwoven calenders, fiber and corrugated paper plants. Suitable for big, steam-heated dryers. Patented system.

Series DP

All-purpose rotary joints for water and thermal oil with balanced mechanical seal and roller bearings. Various sealing combinations are available, depending on application. Meets the special requirements of the printing and plastics industry.

Series DQ

Rotary joints for thermal oil with high temperature and speed ranges, balanced mechanical seal. DQ, DQT, DQTX with additional cooling circuit for cooling and lubrication of bearings and seal. Meets the requirements of calenders operating at high speeds and temperatures. Patented system.

Series DX

Universal rotary joints for water, equipped with mechanical seal and ball bearings. DXS with highly resistant, ceramics coated sealing surface for higher temperatures and speeds as well as prolonged service life.

Series DZ

Rotary joint series for compressed air. Several channels for different pressures, large and small volumes. Stainless steel version with special sealing rings and counter surfaces made of ceramics or other hard materials. Extremely resistant.

Series H

Universal rotary joints with maintenance-free carbon sealing rings and carbon bushings. Metal-impregnated sealing rings for thermal oil and higher pressure loads when used for hot water and steam. H3 features an integrated vacuum breaker for steam cylinders. These versions are suitable for rotary transmission of water and steam and, depending on the series, for the transmission of heat transfer oil.

Series K

High performance rotary joints for internal supply of cooling lubrication (coolant) to machine tools. Series K with TESS technology (Thermal Expansion Sealing System) is suitable for dry run (does not apply to KS). They can be used with a minimum amount of lubricant (MQL). This is achieved by an internationally patented proprietary development.

Series M

Sturdy rotary joints for contaminated media at low speeds. For example in rolling mills and stone washing machines.

Series MP

Multi-passage rotary joints for simultaneous supply of up to ten different media and pressures with the option to separate passages completely. For turntables, tools and forms. The dimensions as shown in our catalogue should give you a first impression of the technical possibilities and the application potential.