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We act sustainably and responsibly by conviction: because we value nature and people. Because we need to safeguard the quality of life of future generations on our planet. Because we want to achieve sustainability goals together with our customers and partners.

The maierGROUP works more and more according to the principle of circular economy. We think in life cycles: repairing instead of disposing, recycling instead of consuming – and making processes ever more efficient. True to our company motto: “For a lifelong connection – a union for Life”.

Products with multiple lives

Repairability is virtually built into our products. In the event of wear or defects, in many cases they do not have to be disposed of, but can be repaired.

Recyclable materials

Our high-quality materials are too good to be discarded. We prefer to use materials that can be returned to the recycling loops at the end of a product’s life, and continue to circulate there.

Research and development

Sustainability is always a plus. That is why we keep researching to develop new manufacturing concepts with alternative, recyclable materials.

Our goal: sustainability champion

We want to be at the top of independent sustainability rankings. This gives you the security of working with a responsible partner.

Energetic shoulder check

As a company, we take care to use energy economically. This is why we regularly check the energy efficiency of our machines and electrical installations.

Highly efficient processes

Our products are designed to get the most out of our customers’ equipment. For example, their optimal design ensures lower pressure losses in the piping systems.

Spare parts very simple

With our spare and wear part kits for our rotary joints, we make repairs easier for you. Our highly trained service technicians will support you.

Service and repair

Lengthy troubleshooting wastes resources. That’s why our certified service locations around the world support you with diagnostics – and subsequently with repairs.

Laser coating

With our patented laser coating process, we extend the life of your components, delay corrosion, and protect them from wear. Another plus for sustainability.

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