Laser coating

Maximum service life for your components

In production, things keep running faster and faster – and you depend on your machines to last an extremely long time until the next maintenance. Every downtime prevented is also a significant competitive advantage. With laser coating, the maierGROUP offers you an innovative solution to extend the life cycle of critical components and improve their properties. The maierGROUP’s patented process is clearly superior to conventional coatings. It impresses with noticeably higher cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and versatility.

Wear protection

With a laser-generated wear protection coating, you increase the service life of your components and improve their technical properties.


Laser repair coating is the clever and inexpensive solution to make defective components functional again. You conserve your resources, increase sustainability, and save yourself lengthy remakes.

Corrosion protection

A laser-applied corrosion coating refines your component and protects it from aggressive media.

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A maierGROUP laser coating
makes it possible


Laser coatings from the maierGROUP protect against corrosion, delay wear, repair surfaces – and make many a new acquisition superfluous.

Superior characteristics
for your requirements

We use laser coating to give your rotary joints precisely defined properties. This means they are even better prepared for their intended use.

maintenance costs

Laser coating is less expensive than other repair options. And it extends the lifetime of your rotary joints.

maintenance intervals

Laser-coated rotary joints last significantly longer. Your machines will impress you with a longer service life and lower maintenance requirements.


Laser coatings raise the quality of your components. This makes it easier to estimate maintenance requirements and significantly reduces the risk of spontaneous failures.

circular economy

Laser coatings improve the sustainability of your components. What previously had to be disposed of due to defect can now be repaired in many cases.

New surface
more performance

A success story


Frequently asked questions

The maierGROUP’s special coating process allows the properties of a surface and thus the function of a component to be optimized in a targeted manner.

  • Surface hardness
  • Sliding properties
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Targeted magnetization capability
  • Surface roughness
  • Layer thickness
  • All services from a single source
  • A head start thanks to our own development team and technology center
  • Professional advice
  • Execution of feasibility studies including reporting
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Test benches
  • Many years of experience in sealing technology and in the running behavior of coatings
  • Product and process improvement through optimized materials
  • Precise material application
  • High corrosion and wear resistance
  • Low heat input, thus minimal distortion and hardly any structural changes
  • Customized materials
  • Circular Economy – extending the product life cycle
  • Short replacement time

We will be happy to advise you.

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