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The maierGROUP is a fair and demanding, reliable and innovative partner – we live up to this claim in a cooperative and trusting relationship with our qualified and motivated suppliers.

Efficient, flexible and innovative suppliers are an essential factor for our company’s success. This, combined with the highest level of delivery and quantity reliability and reliable adherence to all current quality, safety, environmental, and compliance standards, as well as the sustainable use of resources, are prerequisites for working with the maierGROUP.

The maierGROUP operates in a global market environment and expects its suppliers to also be prepared to supply the maierGROUP’s international locations. Depending on the product group, the focus of procurement is on regional, national, and global markets.

Suppliers and strategic partners of the maierGROUP are prepared to conclude framework agreements as well as to offer competitive prices even for low quantities and to continuously optimize costs.

The maierGROUP relies on stable, long-term and trusting partnerships. Together with our suppliers, we want to achieve ambitious goals, to grow, and contribute to the sustainable success of our customers.

Spectrum of requirements

The maierGROUP has continuous needs for various parts, products and services. The following document lists the main product groups in which we rely on suppliers who meet our expectations and share our values.

First contact

If you are interested in establishing a successful business relationship and offer products or services matching our range of needs, please feel free to contact us.

Please send us your application in the form of the fully completed supplier self-disclosure in order to help us assess the possibility of cooperation.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Terms of contract

In the following document, you will find the terms and conditions of purchase of the company Christian Maier GmbH & Co KG. These are the basis of all orders and framework agreements of the maierGROUP.

Material Compliance Standard

In the following document you will find the Material Compliance Standard of the company Christian Maier GmbH & Co. KG. These are the basis for all orders and framework agreements of the maierGROUP.

Material Compliance Standard

We will be happy to advise you.

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