𝗺𝗮𝗶𝗲𝗿GROUP successful at K 2022

For the first time, maierGROUP presented its new innovations for rotating unions at K. With its IO-Link-based sensor solutions for monitoring rotating unions, maierGROUP underscored its expertise in the area of Industry 4.0 and the potential for energy savings. The processes demonstrated the possibilities of networked production and are thus forward-looking.

For maierGROUP, this year’s K trade fair exceeded all expectations: The IO Link-based sensor solution attracted numerous visitors to the booth and once again proved the company’s innovative strength.


With our trade show model and the live monitoring running at the booth, we were able to communicate the possibilities of monitoring rotating unions to our visitors very well. The interface between stationary and rotating machine components is always a process-critical, neuralgic point for the reliable operation of a process. With our in-house developed sensors, we can monitor the condition based on, for example, seal wear measurement or very precise leakage detection and recommend maintenance measures in good time. A combined pressure and temperature sensor system directly on the rotating union allows processes to be optimized thermally as well and energy-saving potential to be identified. The combination of leakage and torque monitoring helps to detect potentially dangerous situations of the rotating union and to protect personnel and equipment against leakage of hazardous media (e.g. hot thermal oil). Ideal for paper industry, plastics manufacturing, nonwoven, 24/7 continuous operation, plants with high operating costs and machine retrofits for Industry 4.0.

For more details on sensor solutions, contact your local sales representative or contact us at: vkd@maier-heidenheim.de

More information at: https://maier-heidenheim.com/en/products/sensors




maierGROUP gave insights into the future


The new DS series combines the advantages of two established series. It is designed as a standard series with rolling bearings and allows the use of thermal oil (up to 160 °C) and water (up to 140 °C). This design is suitable for heated stretching rolls in machines for MDO film production or for heated godets on sliver lines or, due to the very low frictional torque, for non-driven take-off rolls such as in blown film lines. Other applications can be found in finishing, such as on smoothing rolls, in laminating processes, for corona treatment or for film printing. When designing this series, the requirements for sensor integration are taken into account right from the start. In addition, the modular parts system makes it possible to implement customer-specific solutions quickly and cost-effectively. For example, different roll connections and hose fittings can be combined, or mechanical seal pairs can be adapted to other media.



To make finding the best rotating union solution as quick and easy as possible, maierGROUP has developed a configurator for rotating unions. For example, with the help of the given volume flow, the suitable size of the rotating union is determined with just a few operating data.

The user then has the additional option of selecting the suitable roller and hose connection. The aim is for registered users to receive a commercial quotation, an informative drawing and a 3D model within a few minutes. Our trade show visitors were able to actively control our configurator, create their own personalized turning layout and send a 3D model home.



We would like to say thank you to all visitors for a successful trade fair with exceptionally good contacts. This has shown us once again that personal contact is essential and always leads to constructive exchange.




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