Cancellation of series DP and DX/DXS

We are sending the DP and DX/DXS series into their well-deserved retirement at the end of the year.

Join us in welcoming the new DS series!

Sensor ready. Smart customising. Superior performance.


The demand for intelligent sensors for monitoring processes is constantly increasing. As a technology leader, we have therefore decided to develop and offer sensors especially for rotary joints to monitor critical parameters as close to the process as possible.

True to the motto “We don’t do half measures.” we have developed a completely new Series DS, which enables a simplified integration of our sensors and combines the advantages of the DP and DX series.

The DS series replaces the predecessor types.

What are the implications for you?

The following are affected by the discontinuation:

All DX/DXS and DP rotary joints in standard and adapted standard design in sizes DN 10 to DN 80

NOT be replaced:

• Rotary joints DP 06 (DN 6) and DP 100 (DN 100) types as well as versions DPN with Stainless housing for chemical, pharmaceutical, or food applications)
• DX/DXS Rotary joints DN 100 and larger
• Many customised special designs (e.g., all DXSA designs remain unchanged)

The launch of the DS will take place in the following stages:

• DS versions DN 10 to DN 50, in standard configuration, can be ordered from Q4/2023 and delivered from Q1/2024
• DS versions DN 65 and DN 80, in standard configuration will be introduced approximately three months later
• DS as successors for modified / adapted types of the DX/DXS or DP series (recognisable by the variant number “-xxx” at the end of the designation) are analysed individually. Your maierGROUP contact will be happy to inform you about the decision regarding a possible changeover and the corresponding time.
• Detailed technical information (e.g., conversion tables, catalogues, dimension sheets, STEP files, etc.) will be available on our website or directly from your maierGROUP contact as of September 2023.
• Operating instructions and wear part kits for repair will be available from Q1/2024.

With this information, we would like to give you the opportunity to stock up sufficiently on wear parts of the replaced products or to switch to the suitable DS successor product in good time and without time pressure.

Wear and spare parts of the DP and DX series will be available until the end of 2025.

You are also welcome to contact our application experts for other product details and the new possibilities of intelligent monitoring.


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